Digital marketing strategies

Online marketing is a key component of business marketing within the digital age and it is important to have a clear, concise strategy when planning your digital marketing activities.

A digital marketing strategy will help marketers and businesses make the most of the great opportunities, it will give you direction, it will help you know your online market share and you will avoid wasting time and money.


How does it work?

To create a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will utilise digital technologies and platforms to aid your business’s marketing there are a number of key areas that I will focus.

  • Internal Audit – This is where I will put your business under the microscope and will look at all aspects of your business from marketing perspective, i.e. current promotional activities, target market, etc.
  • Market research and analysis including Microeconomics – I will thoroughly research your market/industry and analyse the behaviour of individual consumers and firms in an attempt to understand their decision-making process. I will also focus on patterns of supply and demand.

  • Strategic issues – I will identify your company’s internal weaknesses and external threats and offer recommendations as to how best to overcome them.
  • Tactical promotion plan – If your business is using offline (direct mail, PR, advertising, sales promotions) I will create an integrated marketing strategy to include the relevant offline tactics.
  • SWOT and critical success factors – A SWOT analysis is conducted in order to identify the specific critical success factors for your company. CSFs are activities or critical factors required for ensuring the success of your company.
  • Business plan – I will identify both your long-term and short-term goals and then devise a plan to enable you to achieve them.
  • Other areas also include : Distribution channels, Competitive advantage, Customer retention, E-commerce and technology, Digital Media Marketing, Website optimization, Social Media, Content Strategy, Marketing budgets, Credibility and risk reduction, lead generation strategies, market intelligence and International business planning (If required)